SHENZHEN TORRIVE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED develops and manufactures high-quality products,  which focus on motor control products, mainly AC drives, soft starters, etc. Core members of TORRIVE has more than decades experience in AC drives, and created the company in 2011. We are committed to be a leading technology company in industrial control system, TORRIVE is dedicated to manufacture high cost-effective products, aim to help more companies to save energy and update the level of industrialization.

TORRIVE products can be found in most fields of industrial applications in important market  Asia, Africa, Europe, and some of North and South America. This enables us to both understand and assist our customers further. In addition, we are able to provide them with exactly what they need: High-quality products and industrial controller solutions in every area of automation.

With motor control engineering and service, we are a competent and permanent point of contact for our customers.


TORRIVE is a strongly focused company with one main objective that is development, manufacture and sales of high-quality, cost-effective industrial control system and products.

Our Variable frequency drives and soft starter arrange from 200V up to 1140V, and power rating is from 0.4KW to 3000KW. Our products are widely used in most industrial plants as:  Centrifugal machine, CNC, textile, packaging, printing, mining, Cargo lifting, Air compressor, Water supply, Oilfield industry,Ceramic industry, Machine tool,  HAVC, Injection Molding Machine, etc.




  • Investing more than 10% of annual sales revenue in R&D each year
  • Granted industry-topping 60 patents
  • Winner of National Science and Technology Progress Award
  • Winner of State Technological Innovation Award the highest honor in China's VFD sector



  • V&T SPS manufacturing system
  • Chinese largest VFD assembly-line production base
  • Forerunner of big data and intelligent manufacturing
  • Winner of Global Performance Excellent Award



  • First-class, 24-hour customer service
  • ECC Global Control Center monitors V&T's products in real time
  • Our warehouses across the global store over
  • Devoted to providing trailor-made solutions to improve on-site productivity
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